How to Quickly Prepare Your House for Sale

Most homeowners want to sell their  homes as quickly as possible. Preparing your home for sale can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips on how to quickly prepare your house for sale without breaking the bank, especially since you’ll have closing costs to deal with later. The most common […]

How to Sell a Property in Probate in Texas

What is Probate Probate is a legal procedure for determining the validity of the owners will. The probate process involves demonstrating the validity of the decedent’s will, locating and inventorying the decedent’s property, having that property assessed, paying any appropriate taxes, claims, and/or obligations, and distributing the remaining assets in accordance with the will. Several parties […]

Do I have to Pay Capital Gains Tax on the Sale of my Home in Texas

The taxes you might owe should be taken into account when selling a home in Texas along with a number of other issues. Texas doesn’t have a state income tax, which is one of the greatest things about selling a house there; and makes the state a very desirable location. However, in some circumstances, you […]

Who Pays for Closing Costs in Texas: What Sellers Need to Know

When preparing to sell your Texas home, keep in mind some additional costs that will be a component of your closing. Trying to sell a house and moving isn’t cheap, as you’ll soon discover. You won’t have to pay any of these costs upfront. You’ll be responsible for closing costs in addition to repairs, a […]

Four Ways to Evict a Family Member Fast

If you are a landlord, you know evicting a tenant out of your place isn’t so simple. Landlords know that evicting someone can be excruciatingly painful. It isn’t guaranteed that the circumstance will turn out well, but there are steps you can take to increase your chances of avoiding confrontation and staying out of court […]

10 Signs You Need a New Real Estate Agent

Your house has been on the market for far longer than you believe, its costing you money, and you haven’t even seen your agent mention it on social media. When the open house arrives, they are late and unprepared. There are many reasons why you might want to get a new realtor. Maybe you you […]

A Guide to Selling a House with Multiple Owners

Co-ownership of a home is very common. There are many cases and situations where the property was left to one or more heirs. Joint ownership relieves owners of the financial strain of house maintenance, repair costs, and other bills. When the owners decide to sell the house, the process may be confounded by owners who […]