How is Real Estate Commission Calculated in Texas

Do you want to become a Texas real estate agent but are unsure how much it will cost you? It can be difficult to figure out your income as many real estate agents get their compensation via a Commission. Instead of receiving a monthly check for the same amount, real estate agents receive a percentage […]

Can You Stop a Foreclosure in Texas

Foreclosure can cause financial and emotional havoc. It may seem impossible to stop foreclosure if you have fallen behind in your payments. However, you can still get help, regardless of where you are at the process. What is a Foreclosure Quick Answer Yes there are ways to stop foreclosure. But it won’t be easy Foreclosure […]

What is an Affidavit of Heirship in Texas

An affidavit can be used to allow you to sell your house without probate if a relative dies without leaving a will. The court process of probating a house can be expensive and time-consuming. This process is an alternative and shortens the  proceeding.  Keep reading  to find out the advantages and limitations of an affidavit […]

What are appraisers looking for when Valuing a Home

Before making a loan to the buyer,  a lender will want a third party to check out the property to determine its worth.  Although the buyer may love the home and is ready to pay the asking price, the property may not be worth what the buyer thinks it is. A licensed appraiser can help […]

Squatters Rights: What to Do if They are on your Property

Lets face it, only those who pay rent should live in your rental property.  In some extremely cases however, an individual or group of people might live in the residence which you call your rental property and they won’t be paying you rent! It’s. problem when you find out that someone is living in your […]

Can You Sell a House with a Failed Septic System

Quick Answer: Yes, you shouldn’t have a problem selling a home with a  septic system that doesn’t work. Be sure and follow local laws! If the local laws in your city say you can’t sell a home with a faulty septic system, you will have to repair or replace it (which is very possible and […]

A Guide to Selling a House with Mold

How can I sell my house even if there is mold growing inside? Mold is one of those things that everyone knows about, but no one wants to talk about. It’s not something you see every day, but if you live in an area where it’s common, then you’re probably familiar with the smell or […]

A Guide To Selling a House that has Water Damage

Did you recently find out that your property has leaking pipes or some type of flooding that has caused damage to your home? Water has a way of finding its way through cracks in walls, and even seeping through floors.  Do you want to sell your house but you are not sure how to get […]

How to Quickly Prepare Your House for Sale

Most homeowners want to sell their homes as fast as possible. Preparing your home for sale can be daunting; but with effort you can transform it into something that buyers will love and at the same time, reduce your stress. Here are some tips on how to quickly prepare your house for sale without breaking the bank, especially […]

How to Sell a Property in Probate

What is Probate Probate is a legal procedure for determining that the owner’s will is valid (legally binding). The steps involved in the probate process are establishing the accuracy of the will, locating and inventorying their assets or property, having those assets evaluated, paying any appropriate taxes, claims, and/or obligations, and distributing the remaining assets in accordance with […]