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“What Is the Process to Sell My Home !”

step 1 of selling my house fast


Our Team Gets the Details of your Property

step 2 of the selling process


Go Over any Questions Buyers Have about their House

step 3 of selling your house for cash


Buyers Choose a Date to Close at Title Company and Never Pay Closing Costs

Start By Asking for an Offer

We need to know a little bit about the property you are selling. Things like when you need to sell it and any color you can provide about your specific situation is always helpful.  Homeowners are in different situations including divorce, foreclosure, or tenants who won’t leave. 

Some companies will make you an offer over the phone, but how can they accurately assess the property without seeing it? They can’t, is the answer.

We want to pay you the most money possible for your home. To do this, we need to see the house. We can offer more because we take the time to analyze the details in order to give you the most money while still being a win-win situation for both parties!

Usually the fastest way to sell your property is “as-is” and for cash. 

How we Determine Value of your House?

Before we meet you at the property, we will conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA) to determine the value of your home. We will calculate the ARV (after repaired value) based on real sold comps in the area to determine our starting point for your offer.

ARV is the After Repaired Value of the home after all areas of the home have been UPDATED to market standards. If your home hasn’t been updated in the last 20 years, just because it’s clean and functional doesn’t mean you’ll get the highest suitable offer (highest possible ARV).

The Offer Equation

So…now you know what ARV is and how we clarify it. The next task is to decide the necessary repairs. It is critical that we accurately estimate the repairs so that we can make you the best offer possible. We need to see the house to accurately assess repairs in order to give you the best offer possible.

Example of Our Research:

Assume we speak with a seller who needs to sell and determine the ARV based on recently sold comps is $200,000. This is where we begin with the offer.

Holding costs include closing costs, utilities, and the R/E fee to sell.

We show you how much money you’ll make if you sell your house for cash. We also contrast the cash offer price with the price of a traditional realtor sale. The traditional sale typically yields slightly more money, but it may take 60 – 240 days to receive your money if the remodel is performed correctly and the market is beneficial.

Final Takeaways

We will sign a contract and begin the closing process once we have agreed on the Cash Offer Amount. We will open escrow with our Title Company and provide them with the necessary documents to complete the transaction. To close, the title company usually requires the contract, seller information sheet, and survey. Our closing date will be set by the title company, and then we will both close. The amount on your contract will correspond to the dollar amount on your HUD statement (closing statement). Remember, when we present you with a cash offer, we pay all conventional closing costs and there is never a realtor fee.

We Offer a Faster Way to Sell your Home

w/ Agent w/ Bodebuilders


Seller pays 6% at closing
Who Pays Closing Costs?
Paid by seller average 1%
Zero, investors usually pay
Appraisal Required
Yes, will be contingent on sale of home
Not required
Number of Showings
Unknown, until the house sells
1, sometimes ZERO
Closing Date
30-90 Days
In as little as 7 days or a day you choose
Who Pays for Repairs
Seller normally pays
NONE, “as is”
Inspection and Financing Contingency
Some Sales will Fall Through
NONE, "no requirements"

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