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Get a cash offer on your house in San Antonio

We  buy houses in San Antonio, Texas for cash, as is, and cover all customary closing fees. Our company buys real estate and is based in Texas. Cash home buyers provide a fast and easy solution to sell your house for cash; we’re local and we can work on giving you a cash offer right now. Sell your home fast in San Antonio, TX [including Bexar County] without paying any fees, no commissions, cleaning costs, or inspection costs.

Our company will close on your schedule. We can also work out a lease option with you.  That means you will have the time you need to search for a new home and will help alleviate any stress!

Benefits of selling your house fast 

You will save both time and money by selling your home to Bodebuilders. We research the neighborhood or town and check out the condition of your home. Sellers won’t have to make any repairs [this can be thousands of dollars]. Our offers are based upon the after repair value [ARV] which is the number we plan on selling the property at after we have completed the renovations. 

This means you can sell without using a real estate agent, and in some situations, we can even pay more than the home’s existing market value. We have built our reputation on treating people fairly, honestly, and with respect. Request your no obligation free offer today!

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Although we have been in a seller’s market, knowing the numbers is important. Listing houses with agents  on the multiple listing service might get you a higher price, but after fees and agent commissions are subtracted, it might not mean more total cash to you. Don’t forget about the cost to close!

Why an offer from a home buyer makes sense

If an agent is unable to sell your house fast, Real estate investors (like us) with plenty of experience and knowledge can help you. Some homeowners prefer cash offers as it does have it’s (brokers aren’t needed) benefits. 

There are hidden costs and many things involved in this process. Although you may sell your property for more money with a realtor, this may not equate to more  cash at the end of the transaction.

It takes time to list your home with a local realtor including any negotiation. This might not be the best choice as closing a deal can take months. 

As you prepare the house for sale, it may need repairs, cleaning, and staging. House buyers have to get the go ahead from lenders or banks before the deal can close. Some people don’t want dozens of strangers in their home.

Sell Your real estate with confidence without a REALTOR?

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Cash for your house in any Condition

A real estate agent won’t always be able to offer you the outcome you want if you need to sell your house quickly.

Whatever the reason, you must sell…

  1. A lot of repairs are required.
  2. The property is in foreclosure.
  3. The House is Vacant.
  4. A landlord tired of tenants who aren’t making payments.

Home buyers like us will make anyone a fair, all cash offer for your house, duplex, or condo  without the need to request additional funds from a bank. A cash buyer doesn’t need 3rd party financing or  loan pre-approval. 

That’s right, interest rates don’t affect us one bit. The best part is which we can close on your home when you want. It doesn’t matter what condition the residence is in, or if the home needs renovations, is a fixer upper, or has trash on the property. 

Did you know that the average cash home buyer in SATX purchased a home that was located in a zip code with an average median household income of $60,000.

If you need cash fast, we can purchase a house on your schedule [with no hassle] and provide real estate solutions that make sense for your circumstances. 

If you accept our offer, we will then set up a closing date with the title company, deposit the money in escrow,  thereby clearing up any issues you have from selling your home. 

Homeowners get a free online quote

Any Situation

Any Shape

Any Problems

Reasons to list properties without a real estate agent

There are plenty of reasons why using the services of a real estate agent makes sense. Realtors know that marketplace and also can help with the paperwork and negotiations which is worth their fee in many cases. This is true when you aren’t rushed to sell or someone has a lot of equity in the home. 

The listing agent will place your home on the MLS with all the other real estate listings. But you will have to pay a realtor commissions and the commission to the buyers agent. Don’t forget about the closing costs. When selling through an agent, the client will pay the following fees:

  1. People pay agents commissions that total around 6 percent.
  2. You pay 2-3% in closing costs.
  3. Closing takes 60-90 days after offers are accepted.
  4. Buyers may be asked to make repairs.
  5. Realtors have many showings.
  6. Buyers must be approved for financing by lenders.
with Agent Sold with Bodebuilders


❌Seller pays 6% at closing
Who Pays Closing Costs?
❌Paid by seller average 1%-2%
✅Zero, investors usually pay
Appraisal Required
❌Yes, will be contingent on sale of home
✅Not required
Number of Showings
❌Unknown, until the house sells
✅1, sometimes ZERO
Closing Date
❌30-90 Days
✅ As little as 7 days or a day you choose
Who Pays for Repairs
❌Seller normally pays
✅NONE, no repairs needed
Inspection and Financing Contingency
❌Some Sales will Fall Through
✅NONE, "no requirements"

List your home on the MLS 

An investment firm (like us) can list your home on the MLS just like any broker; if you’re still not convinced that is the right process is for you. The multiple listing service will help you attract the most buyers. But this process may not be the fastest. 

We can assist you with any repairs, with negotiations, and help you avoid hassles and headaches of selling and allow you to move on with your life. 

Our company can also help you make the repairs so you can get the most amount of money and profit! At the end of the day home investors like us are problem solvers and our goal is to help you get the cash price you deserve with no pressure.



Reasons your house isn’t getting an Offer

Usually the #1 reason a home or townhouse won’t sell is because it is overpriced.  If you list your house on the MLS for more than it is worth, there is a strong chance it will sit on the market far longer than it should.

  1. Prices are too high. 
  2. The home needs many repairs. 
  3. It has very little curb appeal.
  4. Its location is undesirable: a busy street, neighborhood problems, and the home doesn’t generate any interest.
  5. There is too much competition: there are too many “better” homes for sale.
  6. It might not be the time to sell a house in Houston right now.
  7. Inventory is high, he process might not be as effective, especially if you need to sell a house speedy for a reasonable price.
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SATX market facts

  1. The average time it takes to sell a house is 57 days on market.
  2. This is up 94% YOY
  3. According to SABOR; the median price of a home sold is $332,000.
  4. According to SABOR; he average home costs $182 per square foot.(down 2% YOY)
  5. There were 2,464 pending sales in July of 2023. 
  6. The average residential rental in $1,890 per month.
  7. According to Sabor: there were 1,743 single family homes sold in Jan 23.
  8. New listings are up 3,357 (up 5% YOY).
  9. The city has a wide variety of housing options, including lots, land, apartments, and single family homes.
  10.  According to, the current housing inventory is 7,288 homes.
  11. There are 3.8 months of inventory. 6 months is considered a fair housing market.
  12.  The median age of homes is 35 years.
  13.  Total sales in Bexar County = 16,704 (down 28.2% YOY)
  14.  Average sales price in Bexar County = $387,501 YoY.
  15. The original close to list price ratio fell to 95.3%
  16. San Antonio is the center of the San Antonio–New Braunfels metropolitan statistical area and is both suburban and exurban.

Agent fees and expenses you avoid when we purchase Your Property

  • A homeowner doesn’t have to worry about paying any real estate commissions.
  • We buy homes regardless of its condition and don’t require any repairs.
  • Sellers won’t have to pay any closing costs. 

Common mistakes people make when selling their house

Mistakes people make when selling their house for cash in San Antonio:

  1. Not getting a home inspection before listing the property. 
  2. Not getting an appraisal to find out what their house is worth. 
  3. Not listing the house on the market at the right price
  4. Not marketing the home correctly. 
  5. Trying to sell on their own or on an FSBO site.

 Doing business with cash home buyers

  • Companies with cash can buy your home fast. That means you won’t have to be bothered with the headache of the selling process. Just drop off the keys and pick up your check at the title company.
  • The home sale won’t depend on a credit score, rate of interest, or other metrics to obtain bank financing.
  • We purchase properties for any reason quickly, for example, the death of a family member.

How Bodebuilders can help you

We buy houses anywhere in the metropolis including Bexar County, and nearby areas like New Braunfels and Universal City. Our company will buy in almost any situation, including major repairs or is a remodel.  Bodebuilders simplifies the home buying process and makes everything a breeze. We keep many properties for our portfolio and in many cases rent them out.  Be sure and fill out our form or give us a call today!

Homebuyers can help in many situations including sellers who own a lot in property taxes or even an issue when there is a problem with the deed.  If you need to sell a property fast and can’t wait, we can pay cash and close in as little as 7 days(you have nothing to lose). 

Our company gives you the option of when to close.   If you want to work with us,  we need some basic information like your property address and square footage of your home!