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  4. Sellers don’t make repairs
  5. No group showings 
  6. No inspections or appraisals
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The Easy Way to Get a Cash Offer

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Our Team Gets the Details of your Property and Prepares an Offer.

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Buyers Choose a Date to at the Title Company and Never Pay Closing Costs.

Sell Your House in Irving TX

Bodebuilders is a home buyer that purchases houses in many areas around Dallas County that need repairs or renovations. We are Irving investors who buy property directly from sellers who do not want to list their home on the MLS. Home buyers pay for properties in any condition with cash and with no hassle.

Homeowners are relieved of the burden and hassle of fixing anything in the property because we handle everything! We are here to help sellers and solve problems and concerns along the way.

A fair cash offer is usually the quickest way to sell a house. Our company has strong values that finds real estate solutions and presents options to people who own distressed properties. We buy land, a condo, an apartment or townhouse, a duplex, and all types of houses in and around Irving, TX.

Buyers like us do not need bank financing, funds, lenders, or a second loan to purchase your property. This means that a lender’s credit score, down payment, and interest rate will have no effect on us. We don’t require their approval. The process is simple, and homeowners receive their funds quickly.

We purchase houses in any market, even if a real estate agent is unable to sell it quickly. (Selling a house “as is” through realtors (with commission fees) is not always an option, and most loans require approval from a bank.)

  1. There is no need to clean up the property
  2. There is no need to repair properties
  3. No agent fees; an appraisal not conducted.
  4. There won’t be a delay with paperwork.
  5. Avoid wasting time looking for an agent who can’t get the prices they promised and can’t find a solution.
  6. Avoid signing a 6-month contract that binds you to an agent.
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We are Local and Buy Properties in Dallas

We are not real estate agents; we are cash home buyers in Irving; and there are no real estate fees with Bodebuilders! You will pay a minimum of 1% to 6% for both the buyer’s and seller’s agents when you use a realtor to sell your home. If your home is worth $350,000, the realtor fees alone could cost you more than $20,000. A homebuyer makes sense because there are no fees, no repairs, and, most importantly, you get the assurance that we close on time. If you living in a neighborhood in Dallas or Fort Worth? We can make an offer on your home!

Reasons Not to Use a Realtor

Your fees when selling with Agents:

    1. You pay around 6% to both realtors.
    2. You pay around 1% in closing costs.
    3. Wait months for a buyer.
    4. Closing and funding can take months.
    5. Buyers will request repairs are made.
    6. Realtors will be showing the property.
    7. Buyers can cancel to due bank loan funding.
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Irving, Texas Real Estate Facts

  1. The average days on market for a home is now 31 days (Oct 2022)
  2. There are now 1.9 months supply of homes compared in Irving, TX.
  3. The Median sales price in North Texas is up 15.5% to $335,000 as of October 2022.
  4. There are an estimated 223,876 people living in Irving.
  5. The sold to list price ratio is 97.9%
  6. The average home in Irving, TX costs $269,000.
  7. The median rent in Irving is $1,737.
  8. According to the North Texas Real Estate Information System the hotness ratio in Irving is 46.2.
  9. There are 84 pending sales.  There are 182 active listings in Irving, Texas.

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Reasons People Need to Sell their Irving Home

  1. Do you want to delay the foreclosure process in Irving or are you well behind your mortgage payments?
  2. Do you need to get money for your home so you can buy another property?
  3. Do you have a vacant rental property you to sell?
  4. Did you inherit real estate that required repairs? 
  5. Do you have tenants that aren’t paying rent?
  6. Do you have a residential property and don’t want to pay home insurance or property tax?
  7. Do you want to avoid realtor commissions and listings on MLS?
  8. Are you getting a divorce?
  9. Are you tired of being a landlord?
  10. Does your house need updates you don’t want to pay for?

If you find yourself in any of the above situations; or you have a property with equity and just want a quick transaction without delays ( a sale with an agent might not be for everyone), then selling your home to companies that buy houses can put money in your pocket fast.

Why Contact a Cash Home Buyer

Our mission is to assist homeowners and make the home buying process as simple as possible without the use of a real estate agent.

This is possible by only making cash offers or using private money, which eliminates all of the hassle and stress associated with traditional selling methods such as using banks. Not only will cash buyers make you a fair offer (based on square footage and location), but we will also close in as little as 7 days, or on your timeline! This results in a relatively quick sale! You can get cash for your house that you can use for anything.

Do you Have Repairs You Don’t Want to Make

We’ve all experienced how exhausting it is to sell a house in Irving as-is, especially one that requires extensive remodeling. You are not required to do any repairs, rehab, or cleaning with us. We, as home buyers, can buy your house in any condition or situation. Are you a seller that doesn’t have the patience to deal with putting on a new roof or having contractors solicit multiple bids? We can help you move on with your life even if it has mold, is in probate, or you owe taxes on your real estate.

You can sell your home as-is with no contingencies, without staging or making it appealing to buyers. Some houses needs updates to get maximum value.  Before selling your home, you are not required to make improvements. It doesn’t matter how ugly your home is!

This allows you to spend more time planning and moving while saving money for yourself or your family!

Do you need to Close on Your Schedule

We’ve been buying homes for so a while, that we know exactly how this business operates. We can close in a few weeks, but we can always close on your schedule! Call us right now and we’ll walk you through our simple process and make you a cash offer! The choice is yours.

Get an Offer on your Real Estate with No Stress

We can assist you in any situation. Don’t forget to fill out the form so that someone from our company can contact you.

Real estate investors will pay a price for your Irving home regardless of its situation, condition, or timeline. We understand that north Texas isn’t usually associated with homes that need to be sold quickly.  We have been serving the Irving area for years, assisting people just like you.

Our company buys properties and fixer uppers in Irving Texas neighborhoods, as well as commercial property of all shapes and sizes, a vacant

Remember, you don’t need a real estate agent or an attorney, we will take care of the paperwork.

How Our Company Makes the Closing Process Easy

  1. You will not be charged an agent commission from any seller’s agent or any brokers, and we will cover all normal title and closing costs, giving you more cash! 
  2. You don’t have to fix the property because we buy Irving houses “as-is” and take care of any repairs. 
  3. You are not required to prepare your home for showings or to deal with other home buyers. 
  4. We will buy and close on time, operating in an efficient manner,  as we don’t use bank financing.
  5. We buy houses in Irving Texas and pay cash for them ‘as-is” without a home inspection or appraisals. 
  6. A home buyer can close in as little as 7 days if you choose a closing date that works for you. We may even be able to offer extra time after closing.

Do you Need to a Way to Get Cash in 2 Weeks 

We are problem solvers with experience who help countless families and can help you effectively with a cash offer! Even if you don’t sell your Irving property to us; we will still give you tips and advice on how to get maximum value for your real estate.  

Our firm buys houses in Irving as an investment in the surrounding suburbs of Arlington, Plano, and Garland. We can assist you in quickly selling your home. We are cash home buyers in Irving, so interest rates are unimportant to us; we are ready to make an offer on your property right now.

A cash buyer will pay cash for your home in its current state, without the need for costly and time-consuming home repairs. We will cover all closing costs, including the homeowners association fee, to ensure that you do not run out of money during the sale process. Homeowners will not have to deal with the stress of a foreclosure, as well as the hassle of making repairs or staging, resulting in zero stress.

We prefer quick closings, with little to no waiting, and can close in as little as 7 days, while always treating you with respect and providing value. We will assist you in selling your home quickly.

Call our Company Today

Give us a call if you’re stuck in a house you no longer want and want a quick sale without going through the MLS. If you believe it will cost a fortune to prepare your home for sale, or if you wish you could just hand the house over to someone else to deal with, or if you want a quick sale without having to deal with listing your property on the multiple listing service or FSBO, call us and get the information you need for a fast sale at the price you deserve.

Within 24 hours of receiving your information, we will make you a fair, no-obligation cash offer (we can give you a number quickly). We are Irving homebuyers looking to buy houses and other real estate quickly and have the experience of multiple transactions. Fill out the form completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you decide to sell on your own, you will have to market the home. Try listing your property on Zillow, Redfin, or even on an FSBO site.

The most amount of money you can get for your real estate we be listing your place on the MLS. The advantage of working with wholesalers is that you can get the property sold faster!

  1. Make repairs 
  2. Have a professional photographer take photos. 
  3. Pay for an inspection and provide it to all interested parties.