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Are you a real estate professional looking to expand your clientele and boost your career? Partnering with Redfin, one of the leading online brokerages, could be an ideal opportunity for you.

Here are some guidelines on how to become a Redfin partner agent, exploring benefits, prerequisites, and procedure. 

What is the Redfin Partner Program

The Redfin Partner Program is a collaboration between Redfin, a real estate brokerage, and licensed real estate agents who meet certain criteria. This program offers various benefits to partner agents and requires them to maintain a high rating in order to continue their partnership with Redfin.

Benefits of partnering with Redfin

Joining the Redfin Partner Program opens doors to a multitude of advantages. It provides access to high-quality referrals, amplifying chances of closing more deals, leading to increased income.

Working closely with Redfin guarantees exposure and reach as it is a well-recognized real estate company. The partnership also offers an innovative platform that makes transactions smoother and faster, which enhances customer satisfaction rates.

This positivity reflects on your online profile improving your reputation in the real estate industry. The 30% referral fee paid by partner agents is a worthy tradeoff for these benefits.

Moreover, teaming up with Redfin allows you to work from different brokerages like RE/MAX or Coldwell Banker expanding versatility in service offering.

Criteria for

To become a Redfin partner agent, there are specific criteria you must meet. First and foremost, you need to have an active real estate license in good standing. This ensures that you are legally qualified to practice as a real estate agent.

  • Agents must maintain a 4+ start rating

  • Every candidate must be interviewed and go through a screening process.

Additionally, it is important to demonstrate your experience and success in the field by having a fair share of closed client transactions. Redfin looks for agents who have proven excellence in their transactions and maintain a high star rating based on previous customer reviews.

Maintaining a high rating

  • Partner Agents must have an average customer satisfaction rating of 4+ stars or higher (100% requirement).
  • You must have closed a fair number of client transactions.

To maintain a high rating as a Redfin partner agent, it is important to ensure exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Previous customer reviews play a crucial role in determining your rating, so consistently delivering outstanding results is key.

How to Become a Redfin Partner Agent

Follow these steps: obtain a real estate license, apply to take the real estate exam, join a brokerage, and join the MLS and REALTOR® associations.

Steps to becoming a licensed real estate agent

  • To become a licensed real estate agent, you must follow several important steps. First, you need to complete the required education and training specific to your state’s guidelines.

  • Next, you’ll need to pass the real estate exam, which tests your knowledge of legal regulations and best practices in the industry. Once you’ve passed the exam, you can apply for a license with your state’s real estate board or commission.

  • After obtaining your license, it’s essential to find a reputable brokerage firm that will sponsor and support your career as an agent. Finally, join local Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and REALTOR® associations to gain access to valuable resources and networking opportunities within the real estate community.

Joining the MLS and REALTOR® associations

To become a Redfin partner agent, you will need to join the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and REALTOR® associations. These organizations are essential for real estate agents as they provide valuable resources, networking opportunities, and access to a wide range of property listings.

The MLS allows agents to share information about available properties with other professionals, while the REALTOR® associations uphold ethical standards in the industry.

By joining these associations, you can expand your network and attract more clients through Redfin’s referral program.

Advantages of Becoming 

This program offers numerous advantages and opportunities for success in the real estate industry. 

Access to a Trusted Brand: Redfin is a well-established and respected brand in the real estate market. As a Redfin Partner Agent, you benefit from the credibility and reputation that comes with being associated with a trusted brand.

Increased Visibility: Redfin has a strong online presence and a large user base. By becoming a Partner Agent, you gain access to Redfin’s extensive network of homebuyers and sellers. 

Qualified Leads: Redfin is known for providing high-quality leads to its Partner Agents. And the company doesn’t sell leads like other companies. Customer reviews are placed on the website. 

Technology and Tools: Redfin equips their Partner Agents with cutting-edge technology and tools to streamline their workflow and enhance their productivity.

With access to Redfin’s robust platform, you can efficiently manage your leads, track market trends, and stay organized in your day-to-day activities.

This technology-driven approach enables you to work more effectively and deliver a superior customer experience.

Collaborative Environment: Redfin fosters a culture of collaboration and support among its Partner Agents.

They provide a platform for agents to connect with each other, share insights, and learn from one another’s experiences.

Compensation Structure: Redfin offers a competitive compensation structure for its Partner Agents.

They provide a clear and transparent commission split, ensuring that you are fairly rewarded for your hard work and dedication.

Disadvantages of 

While it can have its advantages, it’s important to consider the potential disadvantages as well. Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

Limited Geographical Reach:

Unlike traditional real estate agents who have the flexibility to work in any area, Redfin Partner Agents are assigned a specific territory.

This means that your earning potential is based on the number of clients and properties available within that area.

Restricted Independence:

Redfin has a set of predefined processes and procedures that all Partner Agents must follow.

This level of standardization can limit your ability to operate independently and make decisions based on your own expertise and experience.

Lower Commission Rates:

Redfin typically offers lower commission rates compared to traditional brokerage models.

Partner agents participate in a “pay-at-close program”. This means that Redfin takes a percentage of the deal once it closes.

Higher Level of Scrutiny:

Redfin places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and reviews.

As a Partner Agent, you’ll be subject to regular evaluations from both clients and Redfin itself.

This level of scrutiny can add pressure and require a higher level of accountability.

Competing with Redfin’s Owned Listings:

Redfin is known for its own listings, which are prioritized on their website and mobile app.

As a Partner Agent, you may find yourself competing against Redfin’s own listings, which could potentially limit your opportunities to work with buyers and sellers.

Types of Partnership Opportunities with Redfin

Redfin offers several types of partnership opportunities, including becoming a Lead Agent, filling support roles, or working as an Associate Agent Contractor.

Lead Agent

To become a Lead Agent in the Redfin Partner Program, you need to meet certain criteria. 


  • Possession of an active real estate license
  • Strong interpersonal communication and customer service abilities
  • Capability to learn and adapt to new technologies
  • Dependable transportation and willingness to travel within your designated market
  • Both new and experienced agents. Regardless of your experience level, they provide incentives and avenues for growth.

As a Lead Agent, you will work closely with clients referred by Redfin based on their specific needs and preferences.

Support Roles

Redfin offers various support roles as part of its Partner Program to provide a comprehensive and efficient real estate experience for clients.

These support roles include administrative assistantstransaction coordinators, and marketing specialists.

Administrative assistants play a crucial role in managing paperworkscheduling appointments, and ensuring smooth communication between the agent and clients. Transaction coordinators handle all the necessary documentation related to buying or selling a property, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Marketing specialists assist agents in creating effective marketing campaigns to attract potential buyers or sellers.

Associate Agent Contractor

An Associate Agent Contractor is a type of partnership opportunity available with Redfin. Partnering as an Associate Agent Contractor allows you to work with Redfin as an independent contractor while still enjoying the benefits and support of their platform.

As an Associate Agent Contractor, you will have access to Redfin’s technology and tools, which can help streamline your buying and selling process. This partnership option is ideal for experienced agents who want to expand their client base and collaborate with Redfin in providing excellent service to buyers and sellers.

Maintaining a 4+ star rating

To maintain a 4+ star rating as a Redfin partner agent, it is necessary to deliver exceptional service to your clients. This includes providing timely communicationthorough market knowledge, and negotiating skills to ensure successful transactions.

Actively seeking feedback from your clients and addressing any concerns or issues promptly can help you maintain a high rating.

Benefits and compensation

As a Redfin partner agent, you can enjoy several benefits and compensation opportunities.

First and foremost, partnering with Redfin gives you access to their large customer base and high-quality referrals.

This means more potential clients for your business.

Additionally, Redfin provides comprehensive training and support to help you succeed in your partnership.

You’ll also benefit from their innovative technology platform that streamlines the buying and selling process.

In terms of compensation, as a partner agent, you’ll receive a commission split for each successful transaction.

While specific details may vary depending on the region and other factors, it’s important to note that Redfin partners pay a referral fee of 30% of their commission to Redfin in exchange for the high-quality referrals they receive.

Teamwork and career advancement opportunities

Partnering with Redfin opens up a world of teamwork and career advancement opportunities for real estate agents.

As a Redfin partner agent, you have the chance to work collaboratively with a team of experienced professionals who share your passion for delivering exceptional service to clients.

This collaborative approach not only enhances your skills and knowledge but also provides valuable networking opportunities within the industry. Moreover, being part of the Redfin Partner Program can pave the way for career advancement as you gain exposure to a larger customer base and benefit from the reputation and support of a well-established real estate brand.

Training and continued education requirements

To maintain their expertise and stay up to date with industry practices, Redfin partner agents are required to complete training and continued education.

These requirements ensure that partner agents are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to provide excellent service to clients.

By participating in ongoing education programs, partner agents can stay current on market trends, legal regulations, and best practices for real estate transactions. 

Final Thoughts 

Becoming a Redfin partner agent is an exciting opportunity for experienced real estate professionals. By meeting the criteria of having an active licenseproven excellence in closed transactions, and maintaining a high star rating, you can join the program and gain access to a referral customer base.

Take the necessary steps to become licensed, apply to take the real estate exam, join a brokerage, and join MLS and REALTOR® associations. Embrace this chance to provide excellent services while expanding your client reach with Redfin’s support.