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Quick Answer

  •  The short answers is sometimes it is accurate and sometimes it is not. Zillow pulls its information from various 3rd party resources and then compiles all the information into an algorithm. 
  • Zillow claims a median rate of 1.9% accuracy for on market homes.
  • If you want the latest accurate info contact a realtor that has access to MLS data.

Zillow, a top online re­al estate platform, prese­nts a special tool known as Rent Zestimate­.

This tool gives an approximation of a property’s rental based on location, size, and comparable rentals in the area.

Why use Rent Zestimate:  It is used to understand rent potential for a property as a landlord, property owner, or renter.

How is Rent Zestimate calculated: Rent Zestimate uses a complex computer model that automatically considers public data, user-submitted data, and information on similar properties in the area.

It takes into consideration similar property rental rates in your vicinity, the state of your property, and local trends for the real estate market.

This algorithmic model calculates your property’s monthly rental price as accurately as possible.

Importance of Rent Zestimate: Through Rent Zestimate,  property owners/landlords can very easily and efficiently approximate the expected rent of their investment property.

It enables them to charge a fair rental rate that truly represents the current market.

It gives them a fair idea of the rental range within a particular area in order to facilitate their search for the appropriate rental property that fits within their budget.

It can be used by tenants to compare the rental prices and make informed decisions about which properties to pursue.

Is Rent Zestimate always accurate: 

The answer is NO. It may  give a good estimate of the rental price, but that is all that it is; an estimate.

Factors Affecting Rent Zestimate

Property Details: Rent Zestimate takes into account certain property details that include its area in terms of square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms in addition to a general condition of the property.

Comparable Rentals:  Zillow gathers data pertaining to rentals of similar properties in the local real estate market.

Rental rates of similar properties in the vicinity are included in this data so as to make a more accurate estimate of the property under consideration on the basis of prevailing rental market conditions.

Local Real Estate Trends: This calculator also includes the local trends in real estate market, by taking into account the exact demand and supply of your property.

It would consider the rental rates and the overall economic condition of a place.

User-Submitted Data: Zillow invites every person owning a rental property to submit data about how much they are charging as rent.

Although not all of this user-supplied data is used in the Rent Zestimate, it may be used to provide additional insight or as a factor in the accuracy of the Rent Zestimate.

Historical Data: It also takes into account historical rental information for a certain property.

This includes previous rent that was charged and how the rental market has changed over time.

Benefits for Landlords

Accurate and Reliable Estimates:  Though such an estimate cannot be very accurate, nevertheless it can serve as a good starting point for the landlords to assess the rental income probable.

Free Access: Among the most awesome features of Zillow Rent Zestimate is that it is free and available to anyone who has an internet connection. 

Landlords themselves can provide useful insight on the rents of their investment yield, which in turn would add to the database so that such estimates become even more reliable.

Quick and Easy: Landlords can quickly and conveniently get an estimate of the rental amount for their properties. 

Supplementary to Other Means:  Landlords can quickly and conveniently get an estimate of the rental amount for their properties. 

Tenant Benefits

Starting Point for Rental Search: Rent Zestimate serves as the starting point for tenants once they begin searching for any rental property. 

Reliable Rent Range: It aids a tenant in searching for a reliable range of rental prices subject to square footage, location, and other features of the property. 

Access to Public Data: Public data, coupled with that submitted by users, are the data this tool employs in arriving at its estimations.

Transparent and Accurate Estimates. It has a computer model in place that generates Rent Zestimates.

It does not give an exact amount of rentals but a dependable estimate based on available data found in public records and user inputs.

Planning and Budgeting. As a result, tenants will be able to plan and budget for their rents with greater certainty. 

Tips for Using the tool Effectively

The Zillow Rent Zestimate is a dominant tool a real estate investor and property owner can use for valuable insight.  

Learn the Shortcomings: As good as Rent Zestimate might be for giving one an idea about what their rental rates are, it has to be remembered that this is just a computer model.  
It may or may not show a realistic number of rent that one can charge.

Consider Local Market Conditions:

Stay up-to-date with the rental market conditions in your area to get a more accurate understanding of what you can charge.

Supplementary Research: Search for other online rent estimation tools and websites and check the figures against each other. 

Use the Knowledge of the Local Real Estate Agents:
They spend so much time learning about the local market, recent changes and neighborhood-specific conditions. 

Limitations of  the tool

Lack of Accuracy: Being an algorithm-based service it reduces under the analysis of available data that is public and submitted.

However, it may not always provide an accurate estimate of the rental price.

Cannot Account for Unique Features: Using a computer model, ZestimateRent develops a model based on factors such as location, square footage, comparable property rentals.

However, it may not consider special attributes that would greatly affect the rental price of a house.

These features include amenities, view or generality:

Rent Zestimate provides a starting point to get a sense of the rent pricing, but may not be correct in respect to the current market condition. 

Limited Data Availability: It only relies on public available data.

This data might not be up to date or comprehensive.

It may not capture recent rental transactions and might struggle to provide accurate estimates in areas with limited data availability.

Regional Variations: Rental markets can be very different from one region to another.

This difference in rental rate can make Rent Zestimate produce an erroneously estimation of local rates, especially in areas with specific market conditions.

Alternative Tools for Rental Property Pricing

RentRange: Like Zillow, this is a powerful rental market intelligence platform that offers effective rental property pricing.

Rentometer: It is one of the simplest tools to compare your rental property’s rent against other similar properties.

You simply have to input some defining features of the place like location, size, and amenities; and

Mashvisor : Mashvisor is quick and easy to use for all-round rental property analysis that addresses information on rent estimates, occupancy rates, and lots of other useful information. is a very popular portal for buying and selling properties; it also provides information on rental property pricing.

It gives its rent estimate based on market trends and comparable properties in a particular area.

The Bottom Line

Zillow’s Rent Zestimate will greatly benefit renters and landlords in making the right decisions.

This feature, made available by the reputable real estate website, especially helps to provide useful insight into the rental market by giving an estimate of how much rent is probable for a property.

Recognized for its accurate algorithms and access to a huge database of
rental information, Zillow’s Rent Zestimate positively offers a very reliable resource in evaluating the prices of rentals in any given location.

Using Rent Zestimate, a renter is therefore in a better place in understanding the rental market and hence get a better perspective on the fair pricing of that property or through which they can get a better deal by negotiating.

It allows property owners and landlords to be more competitive in how much they charge for rentals as well as yield a better income from that rental while simultaneously being able to attract better tenants with that charge.

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