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Sell your house fast in El Paso

We are house buyers and purchase houses, townhomes, and condos in just about any condition and situation. We will pay cash for your house regardless of the repairs, and don’t require bank financing or loans from a 3rd party.

We are local investors who have a team in place that can assist you in selling your house quickly.  Contact us If you’ve ever needed help with quick sale,  and one without a realtor.

Sellers have their reasons for selling, and our number one priority is to find a solution to your problem in real estate and allow you to move on with your life. Homeowners who work with us, won’t pay commissions to a seller’s agent. Our company offers the best prices on suburban and rural property. 

Cash home buyers purchase types of homes, including a townhouse, condo, apartment, land, commercial property, a mansion, duplex, triplex, multiplex and even a lot. We’re ready to pay cash for your residential property in the greater El Paso area, especially if you need to sell it fast! We purchase ugly houses “as-is,” and we buy properties with cash fast. We are professional and trusted homebuyers that serve people just like you.

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A real estate agent will charge Commissions

When you are represented by an agent, the realtor or broker will not charge you to list your home on the MLS. There are plenty of fees you will pay after the sale!

Anyone who has sold a home with an agent has looked at their closing statement and seen all the costs. The numbers do add up quickly and that is why many people choose the FSBO route. Agents average 6% commission in El Paso.

Dealing with buyers can bring its own set of difficulties. What happens if the buyer is unable to complete the transaction? Buyers prefer to have several option days, conduct inspections, and then request repairs.

What happens if the housing market slows or mortgage rates rise, and the buyer lacks the necessary income to qualify for a loan? Sellers must weigh their options.

A buyers agent will expect a clean home for sale on MLS. You may not have the time, money  to do so. Your house will be sold in months, not weeks.

Sometimes this process may not be the option that is best for you. For sale by owner listings have the same problems. Investors buy property and land; and will do so quickly with cash, giving you a comparison to a non traditional sale.

What Homeowners will Pay using a Realtor


    1. You pay around 6% to both realtors.
    2. You pay around 1% in closing costs.
    3. Wait months for a buyer.
    4. Closing and funding can take months.
    5. Buyers will request repairs.
    6. Realtors will be constantly showing the property.
    7. Buyers will cancel to due bank loan funding.
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Sell your property in any situation

As investors and problem solvers, we can buy houses in a variety of ways, including: a pending foreclosure, in probate, divorce, inherited property, a vacant house,  falling behind on property tax, etc.

Top tips for selling a house

If you’re thinking of selling your home in a hurry, you may be wondering what knowledge you will need to complete the process. Here are some tips to help make the transition as smooth as possible:

  1. Discuss selling your home with real estate investors or a landlord. They can advise you on how to market and sell your property quickly and efficiently in order to avoid delays, hassle, and stress. 
  2. Utilize state resources to assist in streamlining the sales process. Many states provide online tools that make it easier for buyers and sellers to communicate and agree on terms. 
  3. Keep an eye on MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listings in your area. This can help you figure out how much your house is worth.

We will buy property for cash in any condition, don’t require that you have home insurance on the property, and will cover all of the closing costs, including any fees charged by the homeowners association. Staging your property isn’t necessary!

Our team wants it to be easy and efficient for you, so it doesn’t matter if the property has flood damage, or it’s about to be foreclosed. We purchase homes no matter if it’s a buyers market or seller’s market.  

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El Paso market data

  1. According to GEPAR, average home in El Paso TX sells for $142 a square foot. Up over 10% YOY.
  2. The median sales price is $244,608 (Jan 23) up 7.8% YOY.
  3. The average home sits on the market for 22 days (Jan 23) up 175% YOY .
  4. The median days on market for condo/townhouses is 30 days (up 275%).
  5. The median price PSF for a townhouse is $122. 
  6. According to Fred the unemployment rate is 4%
  7. The active inventory is up to 1,840 homes, up 26.1% compared to Jan 22.
  8. There are 793 new listings in Dec.
  9. Closed sale are down almost 25% to 552.

What is the average selling price of a home in El Paso, TX

According to Redfin, as of June 2023, the median sale price of a home is $253,000, which represents a 6.9% increase compared to the previous year.

El Paso housing statistics
image: courtesy Domus Analytics

Avoid Hassles of showings and repairs

You might be advised to consult with a real estate agent. If you need to sell a house quickly in a neighborhood, you could be committing yourself to a lengthy process. A seller may be waiting for a buyer to put a contract on the home, then deal with negotiations and repairs.

This might not be the best option when you really want to sell your house quickly, so we eliminated the entire process.

We buy houses in El Paso County and in most neighborhoods in any condition, for the best cash price we can. Take only what you need and leave what you don’t, when you move out.

We wants it to be easy for you, so it doesn’t make much difference if the house needs to be cleaned, or if the home is distressed, has squatters inside. A real estate investor like us will assume all the risk.

We respect you and can buy your property quickly. Our goal is to provide a solution and services that best meet your needs while also providing you with the value you deserve.

The complete sales process 

There are no costs, realtor fees, or hassle. We will not charge you anything to give you a price for your home, and selling to us is simple. There is nothing better than selling a house quickly and easily.

See why so many residents prefer working with a business such as ours. We provide real estate solutions that put more cash in people’s pockets.

Get a cash offer for your house 

You may not want to spend time making a house look nice or fixing problems if you want to sell it quickly. You want to find a buyer and get out as soon as possible at a reasonable price.

If you sell with a realtor,  the listing should be in show condition, and everything must be in working order. You might be asked to pay for a home warranty, and will most likely be asked to fix any problems.

The average home buyer spends about $1,500 on a home warranty. You don’t have to worry about any of this with home buyers at Bodebuilders.

When you work with an investment firm you get benefits. No repairs, no cleaning, no lengthy contracts with any real estate agents, no unneeded expectations, just cash for your home that goes right into your pocket.

How our buying process works

When you sell your house to Bodebuilders, our cash offers are fair; and are below market value.  You are under no obligation to sell, and if you don’t accept, there is no cost to you. There isn’t much negotiation and we give you plenty of space to make the decision that is best for you.

You have a choice and simply need to decide whether our offer is suitable for you and your family. If you don’t choose our company, be sure to use a home buyer with good reviews.

When you accept, close on your schedule, and we open escrow at the title company. We’re quick, but we’re also effective, and we’ll do everything we can to make things work in your favor.

Our offers aren’t contingent on interest rates, a credit score, or any other market factors.

Contact us if you’re interested in your free money offer.

An Investor offers a better way

with Agent with Bodebuilders


☑️Seller pays 6% at closing
Who Pays Closing Costs?
☑️Paid by seller average 1%
☑️Zero, investors usually pay
Appraisal Required
☑️Yes, will be contingent on sale of home
☑️Not required
Number of Showings
☑️Unknown, until the house sells
☑️one , sometimes ZERO
Closing Date
☑️30-90 Days
☑️In as little as 7 days or a day you choose
Who Pays for Repairs
☑️Seller normally pays
☑️NONE, “as is”
Inspection and Financing Contingency
☑️Some Sales will Fall Through
☑️NONE, "no requirements"

Options for homeowners 

Homeowners that want to sell have a few choices to make:

  • Fair Cash Offer

We are a team of El Paso cash home buyers that purchases houses and condominiums from property owners at prices that make sense. We don’t waste your time with low offers. Our investment firms lets sellers know if the amount we can pay doesn’t make sense for the property.

We simply require information such as your property address, square footage, and a few other details.

  • Fast close

The quickest way to sell a home is without bank financing.There is no time wasted on mortgage approval processes, appraisals, or lender funds approval. We close on time after performing our inspections to ensure that everything is in working order.

  • No repairs Requested

By selling to us, you can save thousand of dollars on renovations and a remodel. We always buy a house “as-is“. It doesn’t matter if the home has a foundation in need of repair or new paint

  • No realtor commissions

We are not realtors and don’t act as brokers. There is no commission for selling your house to us. Our offers are completely free and you can turn down our no obligation offer.

  • Owners Choose the Closing Date

We operate on your timeline and can help you with any moving logistics. Are you looking to sell fast? Will you stay after the sale? We make it a reality and make it headache free, keep you apprised during the entire sales process.

  •  Simple Process

The fact that we have a quick and easy process is the main reason people are working with us. Although selling to an investor isn’t for everyone, we do offer a hassle free experience. Sell without having to be listed on the multiple listing service. If you prefer to have your attorney review the paperwork, that is up to you!

  • We Make the Entire Home Selling Process Easy

We are aware that other companies buy homes and nearby areas. We are the cash home buyer you can rely on to offer a fair price for your home and close quickly in most circumstances.

As an investment firm, we get you an offer for your home fast and relieve any burden! 

In the event that you don’t want to use the services of a cash buyer, we can list your home on the MLS for a discount, just like a real estate agent. And if you need to fix things in the house, we can have our contractors give you the best bids! Ask us how.