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Hoarders suffer from an unusual psychological disorder that can have detrimental effects both for themselves and those close to them. 

Hoarders amass items without proper control until it accumulates to form an unsightly hoard of items piled together on shelves in their home. Someone with these characteristics doesn’t know they have a problem!

According to the American Psychiatric Association, the thought of getting rid of personal items causes stress!

Unwanted tenants may leave piles of rubbish behind, such as food packages and old furniture pieces that can make your home unhygienic and create fire hazards.

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  • The fastest way to sell a home in this condition is normally to a real estate investor. 
  • Another option is to contact a real estate agent who can offer you advice on how to create curb appeal and help with any minor fixes.

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What is a hoarder house

Hoarder houses are homes containing an excessive amount of clutter. While such homes can be seen as eyesores in their neighborhood, they also pose serious health and safety threats to those who live within.

These people may suffer from hoarding disorder, also known as compulsive hoarding. It may also be associated with other mental illnesses like anxiety and depression; professional help should be sought from a mental health provider who specializes in this condition to address its symptoms.

Cluttered possessions create considerable issues with living spaces and can create significant depression and anxiety in those struggling to organize them.

 Without adequate organizational systems in place, individuals may become depressed, anxious and unable to function in daily life.

Hoarding occurs on several levels, from minor to severe according to the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. Level five represents severe hoarding where all surfaces in a home have become covered in junk or debris from floor to ceiling.

Symptoms of this infection may include human waste in toilets, lice on bedding, chewed-through electrical wires from rats chewing their way through them, rotting food products and flea and rodent infestation.

Your house could lack running water or electricity; access could be impossible due to all the clutter accumulating within its walls; toxic conditions could exist due to accumulation.

If you suspect a loved one has a hoarding disorder, it is crucial that they get help before considering selling their home. Receiving support will prevent their situation from worsening while making life much simpler for you when selling their hoarded house.

  •  The average hoarder house has a total of 8-10 feet of clutter in each room.
  • However, according to the International OCD Foundation, hoarding affects an estimated 2-6% of the population, which would translate to millions of individuals in the US
  • Hoarding is more common in older adults, with an estimated 6-15% of adults over 55 being affected.

What does it cost to clean up a hoarder home

Cost estimates to clean up a hoarder house vary based on its size, the volume of trash to be removed and discarded, any biological hazards found within, cleaning requirements and remediation needs, etc. 

An average home may incur costs between $2,000 to $25,000 to clear out hoarder conditions.

Hoarders often accumulate items that can be donated or sold on, which makes the cost of cleaning considerably lower. 

On the other hand, if there are items which must be discarded due to health concerns, the costs can increase substantially.

Hoarder cleanup costs are determined in part by how long it takes. The longer it takes, the more money will have to be spent. It can be a long process 

Professional cleaning services take several days to completely clear away trash and debris from a home, remove biohazardous material from within it and ensure that everything has been thoroughly sanitized.

Hoarder house cleaning can be costly, which is why hiring professionals who possess the appropriate equipment and experience to clear it away is often best. 

This is especially important if your property contains toxic waste that must be properly disposed of according to safety regulations; in addition, it could be dangerous trying to clean a place with mold, mildew or other forms of fungal growth on it yourself.

What kind of buyers purchase this type of property

Hoarder houses offer home flippers and real estate investors (who will make a cash offer)  the potential for significant returns, yet require more work and preparation than other properties on the market.

These types of buyers are aware of the task that lies ahead of them that usually includes some sort of repair, painting, and will need to hire a cleaning crew to declutter the property.

As soon as you’re considering investing in a hoarder house, your first consideration must be your budget. 

These properties can be expensive to acquire so be sure that enough funds have been set aside to cover repairs and renovations costs as they arise.

Keep in mind that a hoarder house may contain more than just junk; it could contain hazardous materials like urine and feces which make breathing hard, aggravating health conditions like asthma.

Hire a professional cleaner to rid the hoarder home of debris and organize items before listing it for sale. They’ll ensure everything is cleaned up before starting to market the house.

Use this to your advantage as you sell the hoarder home, as this can help inspectors do their work more easily and help with photographs that you take for marketing purposes.

While these properties can present challenges to traditional buyers, some find them worthwhile and are willing to put in the time and effort required for renovation and sale. 

Though not suitable for everyone, rehabilitated properties may make an excellent investment opportunity if you know what you’re doing and possess enough funds.

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Where do you find the buyers for the hoarder home

Hoarding is a serious mental health disorder with devastating repercussions for those affected. Additionally, dealing with hoarders is extremely stressful due to all of the cleanups and repairs necessary before their property can be sold.

Hoarder homes can still find buyers if the owner has already cleared out all of their belongings and made any necessary repairs and updates to the property, such as making any necessary repairs and upgrades that need doing before listing it on the open market. 

Doing this ensures a fair price is achieved for the home without going through the stress and hassle of selling as-is on open markets.

Another option for selling the house quickly and profitably is hiring a real estate agent who will list and market the house on the open market and look for potential buyers. 

While this approach can be effective, one should first evaluate both time and costs involved before proceeding.

Hiring a professional home inspector can also be extremely helpful in identifying any hidden issues beneath piles of clutter, such as mold, vermin infestations or structural flaws that are difficult to detect with naked eye scrutiny.

Hoarder homes frequently fail to adhere to local building codes and can pose serious health hazards for visitors to the property, potentially diminishing its overall value and leading to its condemnation.

Why are buyers scared from buying this type of home

Hoarder homes can be difficult to sell because they usually have a lot of problems. Even when well presented and maintained, potential buyers may express concerns over safety issues that come up.

Hoarder houses can be both an eyesore and a source of terror for anyone entering. Their overwhelming smell may terrify visitors away; additionally, fire or fall hazards present a potential risk that people should consider before entering one of these dwellings.

As well, people unfamiliar with hoarders’ living conditions may be rude and disrespectful, which is why it is essential that all parties involved be treated with dignity and courtesy.

At the core, it is best to focus on the positives in a hoarder’s home and offer assistance in making it safer for them to live in. 

Clearing away objects from stairs, creating more accessible kitchen countertops and shelves and eliminating potential fire and fall hazards are ways you can assist your loved one to change their lifestyle.

A knowledgeable realtor is invaluable when selling your hoarder home. They can schedule open houses and assist in marketing the property.

 Before listing it for sale, however, professional cleaners should first visit and clear away all clutter from its interior spaces.

Remember a first impression of a home is cemented in the eyes of a buyer!

Fastest ways a homeowner can sell

If you want to sell a hoarder house quickly, there are various strategies you can consider: hiring an agent or doing it yourself or selling directly to cash home buyers.

Real estate agents will assist in helping to determine a fair price for your hoarder house sale; however, you should expect to pay them a commission upon its closing. This could add up quickly if it’s necessary to sell quickly.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to sell a hoarder house is finding a cash buyer who will purchase it “as-is.” Such buyers don’t require you to clean up before making their offer, saving both time and effort in cleaning up.

Prevent future disputes over pricing by hiring a home inspector to do a walk-through before selling your house. A home inspector will help provide insight into any necessary repairs that must be made, as well as determine an equitable price.

Staging your home after cleaning it will also increase its market value, increasing your chances of a quick sale. Studies show that staging can increase a property’s market value by approximately 5%.

The most efficient way to sell a hoarder house is to partner with an investor experienced with buying these properties. Such investors will purchase them cheaply, then resell them at a great profit later. 

In addition, these investors can provide all repairs necessary so you can achieve top dollar for your home sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact real estate agents or wholesalers in your city! Buyers can also drive around neighborhoods looking for potential homes.

Potential buyers should walkthrough the property with a contractor who can offer his or her thoughts about the house. 

Respect their privacy and be ready for a difficult seller. In other words, expect the unexpected!