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Quick Answer

Yes you can sell a home with a worn out roof. But the buyer is going to deduct the cost of a new roof off the price of the home. There are also cash buyers who will make you a cash offer without having to get a loan.

If you know there is something wrong with the roof, its better to have the disclosures ready for the buyers.  A realtor can provide you with the property disclosures in the state in which you live.

Here are your options:

  1. Sell to a cash buyer
  2. Sell to a buyer on MLS

Should I replace my roof before selling?

This will depend to on the current condition of the roof and how many years of life it has remaining.

If your roof is in good condition and has several years of life remaining, you may not need to replace your roof before selling your home.

Sometimes roof repairs can be made.

But if it’s worn or damaged, a roof replacement can help make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

It will also help as a major selling point and help in any negotiations.

How a homeowner can decide if you should replace your roof:

Some key questions you can ask are:

  • How old is the existing roof?
  • What condition is it in?
  • Will it pass a home inspection?
  • Does it need any repairs or maintenance?
  • Is there any visible sign of damage or wear and tear?
  • What type of material was used to build the roof and how long will that last?

What is the expected lifespan of the roof

Roof Type Duration in years
Ashpalt Shingles
20-25 years
Metal Roofs
40-75 years
Tile Roofs
50-100 years
Wood Shingles
20-30 years
Flat roofs
10-20 years

How long a roof will last is going to depend upon a variety of factors: what kind of material is used, the quality of the installation, and the climate in the location where the roof is installed.

Here are some general estimates for the lifespan of different types of roofs:

  • Asphalt Shingles: 20-25 years
  • Metal Roofs 40-75 years
  • Tile Roofs: 50-100 years
  • Wood Shingles: 20-30 years
  • Flat Roofs [built-up roof, single-ply membrane]: 10-20 years

It’s important to know that regular maintenance, such as cleaning and repairing any damage, can extend the lifespan of a roof.

Additionally, the actual lifespan can vary depending on the specific condition in which the roof is installed.

Asphalt is usually the cheapest, but it might not save you the most amount of money; so you might want to consider other options.

home inspector on roof

What types of buyers purchase homes with worn out roofing

Homebuyers looking for a fixer-upper or an investment property may be willing to buy a house with a damaged roof.

This kind of investor will generally look for buying a house at a bargain price and then do any necessary repairs to increase the value of the property.

They already know that ordinary buyers probably won’t buy this house and they can get a deep discount on it.

Investors often seek homes where the roofs need repair or replacement, as they will be able to reduce the initial amount of money outlaid and earn back a return on investment from making improvements.

Homebuyers who are trying to get into homeownership but cannot afford the cost of a home may consider purchasing a home with a damaged roof, depending on the extent of damage and associated costs.

Of course, they will have to obtain financing from a lender to complete the purchase.

The key for these buyers is having realistic expectations of what it will take, both financially and logistically, to replace the existing roofing materials before deciding whether or not it is worth purchasing this type of property.

What is the impact of a worn out roof on property value

The impact of a bad roof on home value can add up.

  • A bad roof can reduce the value of a home by as much as 10% or more, depending on the extent of the damage and the condition of the rest of the house.
  • It can make a home less attractive to potential buyers, resulting in a longer time on the market and lower offers.
  • Additionally, a bad roof can lead to other costly issues such as moisture damage and mold growth, further reducing the value of the home.

Risks of selling a home with a Bad Roof

Selling a home with a lousy roof has many consequences that can arise for the seller.

Decreased home value: A roof in poor condition will most certainly lower the value of any home and make it harder to sell.

Liability: Sellers will also have liability issues if the condition of the roof is bad and they fail to tell the buyer, who later on may find out.

Complications during a sale: A bad roof also creates problems at the time of the sale.

This is because potential buyers do not like to buy a house with a bad roof.

Lower offers: Bad roofing may translate to lower offers from potential buyers or a call for the seller to lower their asking price on the property.

How to price a home that needs a new roof

If you want to know how to price your home that has a worn out roof, you will want to subtract the cost of a new roof from the price of the home.

But that is not enough, there is a cost of actually doing this; and investors will factor in an additional amount to account for their time.

The cost of replacing the roof will be based upon the type of roof you have and the total sq. ft.


Sell to a Cash Buyer

Selling a house for cash without making repairs can be done by selling to an investor.

It is often a much faster process since cash house buyers doesn’t have to wait for loans to be approved or any other issues that may come from a traditional home sale.

  • Other than that, the complete process of a cash transaction is usually easier and takes up to 7 days of time in specific scenarios.
  • Selling a house for cash, without making repairs, saves house owners from the frustration and cost of executing expensive renovations before selling the house.
  • Secondly, selling a house for cash without making repairs allows homeowners to avoid the hassle and expense of completing costly renovations before selling their home.
  •  Cash buyers are usually more likely able to close quickly because they already have the cash u their bank account and don’t hav to rely on banks for lenders for final approval.

Homeowners will benefit from not having to make any repairs or other renovations to their property. 

They have the peace of mind knowing the buyers aren’t going to ask for concessions.

Remember if you are unsure of what you need to do, don’t be afraid to get help from realtors in your area.

A real estate agent can give you advice on any properties and run comps.

List on MLS "as-is" for the most Money

Of course you can simply list your house on the local MLS with a realtor “as-is” and sell. 

Your realtor will put in the remarks that the roof needs to be replaced

But this will allow you to get the most exposure for your home and get the most amount of money. 

There might even be bidding wars for your home and you might get more than you ever though.

roofing contractors

Pay for the Roof Replacement then List on MLS

According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, 22% of home buyers are willing to purchase a home with a bad roof. That means you might lose up to 78% of buyers if you choose not to fix your roof!

If you notice roof leaks come in from the ceiling or attic during bad weather or any water damage,  you will want to call a roofer out to check out any potential problems.

If flashing or a simple repair aren’t a solution then you will need to start thinking about a replacement.

Replacing a roof can be expensive, and it’s important to consider whether you can afford to do so before selling your home. 

The price of a new roof is determined by many factors, including the material used and the square footage of the home.

How much does it cost to replace an asphalt roof

Asphalt shingles are one of the most affordable options [that is why most houses have asphalt] and typically cost an average of $3 – $4 per square foot.

How much does it cost to replace a metal roof

Metal roofs are more expensive, but they also last longer, averaging around $7 – $10 per square foot.

How much does it cost to replace a tile roof

Tile roofs can cost even more, with some pricing estimates topping out at around $15 per square foot.

How much does it cost to replace slate tile roof

According to modernize, slate tiles can cost up to $12.50 per square foot.

There may also be some labor costs added to replace the roof, which could run into several thousand dollars or more, depending on the size and complexity of the job.

A new roof can help increase the value of your house since buyers like newer roofs; with no repairs or maintenance needed anytime soon in the near future.

This means that while there may be an upfront investment in replacing your roof, it could actually lead to a greater return in the long run if done properly.

You might actually make more money on the house by replacing the roof than selling it “as-is”.

Before you pay a realtor a commission to list your property on the MLS, consider contacting a real estate investor.

Before you pay a realtor a commission to list your property on the MLS, consider contacting a real estate investor. Cash buyers pay all of your closings costs and there won’t be any agent fees in the transaction!